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How did I get in to real estate? It’s a long story. I grew-up in the housing industry. My grandparents built homes in Houston and later, in Palestine, TX. I loved to visit them in the many homes they built and lived in; it was a fun and exciting experience to see each new neighborhood and community. In 2000, at the young age of 19, I married Corey. Corey grew up working along-side his dad building houses here in Southeast Texas. Once again, my passion and interest in housing was renewed and I enjoyed working with Corey, designing house plans and seeing my creations brought to life. In 2003, Corey and I both graduated from Lamar University with engineering degrees. After working 10+ years in the engineering industry, we felt like our careers were enjoyable, but just not fulfilling. In 2015, we both decided that our passion was really in the housing industry. Corey quit his job and began working with his dad building homes here in the Golden Triangle. In 2016, I joined Corey in building our dream life by obtained my Real Estate License. I felt like I had finally found my true calling, the thing that drove me throughout my childhood. Talking about homes and seeing the bright future of each and every family that begins their journey in a new place is what makes my job as a real estate agent so exciting and wonderful!

Speaking of families, Corey and I have a big family. We have 4 beautiful children: Chloe 15, Emily 10, Matthew 9, and Nathan 6. We live on a sheep farm and enjoy spending our free time gathering chicken eggs, picking fruit from our orchid, and playing with our barn cats. We love science, and spend much of our time at the Houston Museum of Natural Science, talking to our children about chemistry, physics, and astronomy; Corey even teaches a Physics class at Community Christian School. We are also very active with our local Church.

My life now consists of the things that I actually love doing and enjoy talking about. I pray that every family I help might find the happiness in their home as we have found in ours. As the old saying goes, “Home is where the heart is”, and it definitely is where my heart lies.


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